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Impressions from a travel to Antarctica

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  • Part 1 –Through the Drake Passage to Antarctica
    • “The sky is blue, the albatrosses continue to surround us, as are the stormbirds.”
  • Part 2Wilhelmina Bay and Orne Island
    • “We all get quiet, the surrounding mountains with their massive glaciers make us seem small and insignificant.”
  • Part 33 Islands in Antarctica: Cierva Cove, Mikkelsen Harbour and Spert Island
    • “The ship does not go fast because there are lots of icebergs and drift ice.”
  • Part 4Yankee Harbour and Halfmoon Bay in Antarctica
    • “Behind me lays an old, broken boat of the seal hunters. It´s only good that this time is over and the stock of most animals has recovered. Only the great whales are far from back to the level of before the industrial hunting. Soon it is similar to many fish stocks. Do people never learn from their mistakes?”
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Location: Antartica

Time: 2016

In Dec. 2016 we travelled from Ushuaia to Antarctica with MS Sea Spirit by Poseidon Expeditions. I documented our trip on my blog travelblog.gabrielaaufreisen.de

Contribution by: G. Kern

Date of submission: 01/11/2023

More information:

See my blog for more information and videos https://travelblog.gabrielaaufreisen.de/category/antarctica/

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