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Boreal Forest Fires

The burning of these large carbon reservoirs will not only directly threaten indigenous communities and wildlife but will also release significant greenhouse gas emissions.

Boreal Forests contain approximately 50% of global land carbon storage, making it a crucial ecosystem for today’s exponential increase in carbon emissions. Wildfires in the Boreal Region release stored carbon, leading to large emissions of greenhouse gases. This would induce positive feedback to climate warming, increasing the greenhouse effect. Additionally, since many societies and cities are located very close to Boreal Forests, wildfires induced by climate change are a direct threat to human activities and societies.


The final storylines will be selected based on their impact on certain environmental risks, such as Boreal Forest fires. In this section you will discover how one of our Arctic storylines can impact Boreal Forest fires and what this means for the environment, human societies, and the global climate system.