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Exploring future polar climates


Despite the crucial role Polar Regions play in stabilising the global climate system, there are still critical knowledge gaps regarding the impact of polar climate processes on multiple scales and how they are evolving with our changing global climate. PolarRES studies the interactions between the atmosphere, oceans, and sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. By understanding these processes and interactions in conjunction with an innovative storylines approach we adopt in PolarRES, a refined set of climate projections can be provided for the Polar Regions. This paves way for a more reliable assessment of the potential social and environmental impacts of climate change.


PolarRES utilises novel storylines to project the impacts of climate change on the Polar environment and society. These storylines are tied directly to large-scale climate drivers, to better understand the changing Arctic and Antarctic climate, and the associated risks to the Polar environment. The response of the Polar environment in each storyline differs between the hemispheres due to differences in land-sea distribution, as well as sensitivity to varying large-scale climate drivers.  


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