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PolarRES launches new Polar Panorama citizen project, focused on Polar Region changes

20 September 2023

For many people, the endless expanses of the Polar Regions are faraway places they only know from documentaries. Environmental changes caused by climate change or direct human interventions are now transforming these unique landscapes and their ecosystems.

The project’s goal is to gain insights into societal perceptions of the changes at work in the Arctic and Antarctic. Everyone, from locals to people who have travelled or worked in the Polar Regions, is invited to share their observations using different types of media, such as images, videos, audio recordings, drawings, or in writing. The project aims to give non-scientists a voice and a chance to share their personal experiences and insights – which is why we refer to it as a citizen science project.

In this way, we can broaden our understanding and work together to raise awareness of the vulnerability of and the need to protect our planet’s unique Polar Regions – at the environmental, social and cultural level alike.

The collected images, graphics and other media types will be later displayed on a dedicated page, and made available for everyone to explore.

Access the Polar Panorama by clicking on this link, or access it through the Tools bar on the website.