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PolarRES Early Career Researcher Bootcamp 2024

4 July 2024

Sun, Sea, and Science: the elements for an unforgettable PolarRES Early Career Researcher Bootcamp 2024!

Between 16-21 June, PolarRES researchers gathered in Ulfborg, Denmark to exchange ideas and updates on the latest project developments. As the project heads into its final year, the in-person work at the Bootcamp facilitated great advancements. The picturesque seaside setting provided an ideal venue for professional collaboration and social bonding.

Daily walks by the beach. Photo by Oskar Landgren.

This year’s Bootcamp kicked off with a welcome speech by PolarRES Project Coordinator, Priscilla Mooney. After the welcome session, participants began working on their projects focused on:

  • Ocean biogeochemistry and physics: analysing Arctic Ocean physics in applicable PolarRES models combined with biogeochemistry aspects.
  • Arctic clouds during MOSAiC: evaluating cloud (and aerosol) properties in PolarRES simulations of the MOSAiC campaign.
  • Surface mass balance and land ice in PolarRES models: evaluating surface mass balance outputs for both Poles in WP3 simulations, using the ESA CCI dataset.
  • Atmospheric rivers in ICON and UM models
  • Analysis of work package 2 models: investigating some similarities that seem to emerge between the simulations.
  • Extreme events in PolarRES models: evaluating the capability of PolarRES models to capture extreme events.

The one-week event also featured fascinating presentations on Greenlandic and Antarctic field impressions by Ruth Mottram and Anastasiia Chyhareva, complemented with beautiful photos and anecdotes. In addition, Raphael Kohler invited his fellow researchers for an interesting workshop on AI.

Anastasiia Chyhareva’s Antarctic field impressions presentation.

Following a fun drawing game organised by Ruth Price, the participants took on a science communication challenge. As in previous years, Arctik provided an enjoyable break from the lines of codes and complex equations, to teach PolarRES researchers new valuable science communication skills. Bootcamp attendees were invited to create short videos explaining their research methodologies.

Creating the methodology explanation videos.

Each team approached the task from a different perspective, resulting in a diverse collection of videos, each with its captivating content. The final videos featured the following techniques; drawn explanations, acting, and B-roll footage with narrative. The variety highlighted the researchers’ creativity and depth of understanding, making the videos both informative and engaging.

A drawing from the Atmospheric River video.

Concerning free time activities, the PolarRES team enjoyed daily walks on the beach, while the most adventurous ones braved the cold and enjoyed swimming in the sea. Others unleashed their inner patriots by cheering on their national football team during the European Championship 2024.

Overall, the Bootcamp was an ideal platform for project advancement and networking. Special thanks to the organiser team and all attendees for this unforgettable week!

Until next time!