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PolarRES and OCEAN:ICE launch new video series: “Explain it two Two Ways”

18 January 2024

We are thrilled to share an exciting collaboration between OCEAN:ICE and PolarRES – the launch of a new series, “Explain it in Two Ways”!

Five of our researchers are breaking down complex scientific processes for both the general public and scientific audience. In the first episode Ruth Mottram, project coordinator, explains what surface mass balance means, and its importance in Polar research. The second video explores the topic of coupled climate models, featuring researchers Clara Lambin and Damien Maure. Last but not least, in the final episode of the series, Ruth Price and Ella Gilbert demystify the term: mixed-phase clouds.

In the first video, Ruth Mottram explains what surface mass balance/budget means.

Check out the videos below:

General explanation

Scientific explanation