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PolarRES with the Future Generation – Session 3

17:00 CET

PolarRES is hosting a series of webinars for our future generation. In support of Ukrainian youth, these webinars will teach young students (ages 14+) about the complexities of climate change and the physical processes which drive it. All students are welcome to join!

Have you ever wondered how an expedition in the Arctic Ocean can be? And which are the data that can be collected?  During this session, titled Extreme environments on the Arctic Oceans , students will have the possibility to be on a virtual vessel and explore different Arctic seafloor.

This workshop was elaborated as part of the AKMA (Advancing Knowledge of Methane in the Arctic) Project, and will be presented by Giuliana Panieri, from the Arctic University of Norway.

All sessions are organised and led by one of our very own researchers Kateryna Terletska in cooperation with the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (JASU).

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Event type: Workshop