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Arctic Processes in CMIP6 Bootcamp

11.10.2022 – 20.10.2022
Søminestationen, Denmark

The content of this Bootcamp will include scientific lectures, introduction to CMIP data, and applying the CMIP data. The main goals will be: 

  • Learn how to work with climate model (CMIP6) data, from the modellers who produced them. 
  • Use these data in conjunction with other datasets to answer crucial scientific questions about the past, present or future Arctic climate system, under the guidance of experts in the field. 
  • Contribute to publications resulting from the Bootcamp. 

This Bootcamp is intended for early-career scientists with research interests in climate and ocean, especially in the Arctic process study. English will be the main working language so the applicants must have a good command of English. In addition, computing skills are needed.  

We expect that the participants are capable of “somewhat advanced” data analysis, i.e. be comfortable with manipulating 4 or more dimensional datasets such as standard longitude x latitude x depth or height x time CMIP output, and perform regressions, interpolation, Fourier transforms etc on them, in either Python or Matlab. 
We do not expect participants to have worked in a Linux environment and/or on distant servers, but it will make your first day go faster if you have. 

You will spend up to 4 days of tool development, i.e. learn about CMIP6 and how to work with CMIP6 output from many models in one go in general, and via cloud computing interface, and the rest doing actual science, i.e. apply the tools to answer the research question you will have chosen. 

A detailed programme can be found here.

Event type: Workshop